Meso 2 – Carb cycling

This mesocycle will focus on re-introducing some types of carbohydrate back into your diet to aid gym performance and continue the fat burning phenomena you have been experiencing over the last 4 weeks. Your body needs carbohydrate and cutting out any macro nutrient long term can have negative implications, which is why we are building it back in over the next two cycles. Also, your diet is like fitness, if you do the same thing for a long time your body will get used to it and it will have less of an impact. Changing your diet profile will keep your metabolism on its toes and maximise the fat burning effect.
How to use Meso 2
  • Re-test your category score to ensure you’re not moved a category with your results from Meso 1.
  • If you’re on a training day follow the Training Day meal plans.
  • If you’re on a rest day follow the Recovery Day meal plans.
  • Train hard in the gym.
  • Feel and look great.