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    3x UK Functional Gym of the Year
    2x UK Personal Trainer of the Year- Amy Toolis
    1x Regional Gym of the Year- Scotland

Welcome To Synergy

At Synergy, we specialise in gym based, bespoke group fitness and 1-2-1 personal training from our award winning functional gym in Edinburgh.

PAYG classes, discounted block bookings, or membership all available.

Our Synergy Plus members get access to our full timetable of bespoke group fitness classes, access to our 90 online nutritional program, access to our open gym slots where they can use the gyms to train on their own, and they will receive a Synergy Plus Card keyring, giving a variety of discounts at some of the best local businesses around.

Book your FREE 1 week trial membership now and experience Synergy firsthand.

Holla if you have any questions on anything. We’re here to help.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Ross, Bev and the whole Synergy Team.

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Bespoke Group Fitness Classes and Nutritional Support

Group fitness in our Edinburgh Gym with a personal touch and lots of support. Our Group sessions are welcoming, inclusive and designed to challenge and reward in equal measure. We’re stronger together!

Functional Gyms

Flip, run, slam, jump, climb, throw, push, pull. Train the way your body was designed to move.

Personal Training

1-2-1, partnered and small group personal training for those wanting a little more fitness and diet help, guidance and support.

Sport performance strength and conditioning

If you’re hungry to win, we can make you stronger, faster, fitter and give you that vital competitive edge.

Diet and Nutrition

All Synergy Plus members get access to our 90 day online fat loss plan, which is tailored around around your age, sex, activity output and more. Meal plans and awesome recipes are waiting for you. Let’s do it.

Kids and Teen Fitness

“The foundations of your child’s future health are built when they are still a child”. We believe in establishing good habits and teaching children how to look after their bodies at an early stage will pay dividends later.”


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  • Synergy is one of the highest quality gyms I have ever been to. The facility itself is very high-standard with all the equipment required for serious, functional training and the programming is inventive, flexible and rewarding. However, its greatest asset are the staff themselves. Highly recommended.

    Steve Taylor

  • Best gym in Edinburgh! I’ve tried loads of different gyms and classes over the years and knew as soon as I finished my first class that this was the gym for me. Functional, friendly and fun. Definitely #morethanjustagym

    Amanda Williams

  • Just an incredible place, filled with the most wonderful people. Because of the team at synergy, I’m more consistent with my exercise than I ever have been, and I honestly look forward to getting up and starting my day there.

    Caroline Mair

  • If you don’t know your Barbells from your Burpees, or if you’re training for the next Mr Olympia, I would recommend walking through the doors and giving Synergy a try, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

    Kerr Anderson

  • The staff are absolutely amazing, very friendly and welcoming and most importantly for me, non judgemental. Since becoming a member I’ve seen massively beneficial changes in almost every area of my life.

    Lisa Donnelly


    Paul Cooper

  • Synergy has been really integral to getting back my fitness and confidence after having a major heart operation . I feel even after a few months that my fitness and strength has vastly improved and I really look forward to going after work . It’s a family business and has a warm and friendly welcoming community .

    Leigh McIntyre