Meso 3- Fuelled Performance

Two mesocycles down with one to go, and no doubt by now you are looking great and have lost pounds and inches in all areas and are feeling LOTS fitter, well done.
Meso3 is much more simplistic, clean and open in design. This plan really lends itself to pre-prepping your foods. Take a couple of hour one day and you can prepare meals for 5 days. Then it’s just a case of pulling the Tupperware from the fridge, heating and eating. For this cycle, we would also recommend BCAA as a supplement as we are going to be increasing the intensity of the SG3 sessions at Synergy somewhat. You can get this from Synergy or you can source it yourself.
How to use Meso 3
  • Remember, if your weight has dropped or your activity output has changed, you may need to re-calculate your category score to ensure you are on the correct calorie plan.
  • Choose one of the category 1 breakfast options, regardless of what your personal category score.
  • For meals 2, 3 and 5, from your category score list, simply choose one protein option, one carb, as much of the veg options as you’d like and for some more flavour, choose any of the spice options. For protein and carb stick with your category score portion sizes. For the vegetarians among us, either use Quorn or tofu, or increase the carb option by 50% and leave out the protein. Try to include beans where possible as they have a decent percentage of protein in them.
  • For meal 4- This is an optional snack if you feel the need. Category 1 portion size only here though.
  • Send you end of SG3 pics over to Bev so we can show you the visual change in your body since starting the plan.
  • End of program weigh-in and re-measure will also happen at Synergy now.