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    3x UK Functional Gym of the Year
    2x UK Personal Trainer or the Year- Amy Toolis
    1x Regional Gym of the Year- Scotland

Don‘t just take our word

We’re not the kind of coaches who like to shout to the World about how good we are…

Thankfully, our clients love training with us, love how we have helped them and are more than happy to shout it from the rooftops….

Check out some of our awesome testimonials and get a feel for our amazing community below

It’s Your Journey

“I’ve never felt stronger, both physically and mentally. I am full of drive and motivation just now which hasn’t just improved my attitude to exercise and nutrition, it has allowed me to pursue and achieve a lot more in my career.Each workout is challenging and creative, but most importantly, it’s fun!”

“I have lost just over 4 stone and am now wearing size 10/12 clothes.  I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been, I am sleeping better and my confidence has soared which enables my to manage my depression and food anxieties.

I cant thank the team at Synergy enough for their support and encouragement.  They are not just a gym they are a community.”

“It’s like being part of a family- days when you don’t quite feel great, you look around the room for a split second and somehow find it in yourself to push harder, sweat more and push yourself..because you know it’s not just yourself your letting down if you give up!”

“I’ve trained in many gyms in many different countries and cities, Synergy is simply the most friendly, positive, well equipped training facility I’ve used. Brilliant and thank you”

“…They offer great nutritional advice and plans too. The food plans just work. I know if I follow the rules (and don’t cheat!), I see great results and can lose the holiday pounds easier than ever before.”

“I honestly think joining Synergy has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I’ve managed to maintain my weight after losing over 3 stone and have noticed really big differences in my fitness, strength and body shape.”

“Being part of the Synergy family over the last three years has not only made me physically stronger, fitter and leaner, it has changed my mindset and attitude; I now WANT to make exercise part of my daily routine, rather than dread it like an endless chore.”

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