• Synergy Products

    A range of Clothing and Nutrition products that will keep you bright and full of protein.

Personalised Synergy Clothing

A fabulous range of kids and adults Hoodies and Zoodies (full zip hoody) in a rainbow of colours and customisable font options.

Choose from around 50 different colour options then get creative and personalise your hoody with any one of our Synergy Group Fitness font colour styles from fluorescent to camouflage to glitter to zebra print and so many more. Create a Synergy Hoody or Zoody as unique as you are.


Download the Synergy App now and book your classes on the go

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.



Download the Synergy App above to purchase your basic Hoodie or Zoodie



Bev will be in touch to help you design your new Synergy threads



Your garment will be made just for you and ready in 7-14 days.

Synergy Lean meat packs

Premium quality lean meats delivery to Synergy whilst you train. Now that’s what I call healthy, convenience food.

Synergy Meat Pack
Packs are customisable to your own needs and references.
12x handcut chicken breast fillets
1/2kg chicken and chilli sausages (these are amazing!)
4x lean beef burgers
4x extra lean rump steaks
1/2kg lean steak mince
All for only £40!!!

  • Quite simply, Synergy is the best gym I’ve ever been a member of. They have something special and there’s no-one else doing as they do … I absolutely love it!

    Carole Myles

  • Lucky to have found a gym that is so inclusive, no matter what you age or ability is, all are welcomed and all encouraged. So go on, take that step come to Synergy, what have you got to lose

    Claire Alsop

  • The group classes are brilliant, hard, fierce but good fun and never boring and although you’re training in a group environment, I still feel I get the individual support I need from the trainers to better me.

    Gillian Spence

  • If you don’t know your Barbells from your Burpees, or if you’re training for the next Mr Olympia, I would recommend walking through the doors and giving Synergy a try, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

    Kerr Anderson

  • The staff are absolutely amazing, very friendly and welcoming and most importantly for me, non judgemental. Since becoming a member I’ve seen massively beneficial changes in almost every area of my life.

    Lisa Donnelly

  • My fitness is at a level I never believed possible and I have lost weight too making me feel and look so much better. Synergy is suited to everyone from kids to us oldies because they customise it to your level of fitness.

    Marie Gillies

  • Synergy is the only gym I would ever want to be part of, I started my Synergy adventure over 3 years ago with RAW on a Wednesday evening, the class was like nothing I had ever taken part in before. I have never looked back.

    Morna Musakambeva