• Everyone loses focus from time to time

    It’s getting back on track again that counts

Sometimes, life just gets in the way, and focus on your own health and fitness gets nudged down the list of priorities. Work, social, daily stresses and life pressures become all consuming, and the temptation to reach for foods which aren’t exactly pro-health, and making excuses to why you can’t train that day become all too easy. This was exactly me in February this year!

I remember the specific moment I stepped out the shower and caught a glimpse of someone else’s body staring back at me. It was a double take moment, as if I had suddenly morphed body shape overnight, as opposed to the reality which was a much slower and more subtle……

I would love to say I was oblivious to any changes happening, but that would be lie. I was simply ignoring the fact and pretending it would fix on its own. I was ashamed and embarrassed that not only had I let myself get there, but as a fitness professional, there is an expectation that this should just never happen in the first place. But it did. Psychologically, the knock on effect of this felt as significant as the physical change.

In my many years of working in this industry I knew this was a familiar story for sooo many people, but that offered me no comfort! The only thing that would make me feel better was to do something about it. I could make a million excuses to why or how I managed to get in the worst shape of my life, but they would have been exactly that…excuses. I needed to take control and make my health and well-being a priority again.

So what did I do to get these kind of results? Well I’ll tell you what I didn’t do- I didn’t follow some kinda keto, lettuce leaf, herbashite “miracle diet” or extreme training regime! It was much more simplistic and less “on-trend” than that:

  • I simply cut out the shit. If it offered little nutritional value, I removed it from my diet or only had them as a treat.
  • Chose real food options where no macro nutrient was off-limits. Macro nutrients are essential, all of them!
  • Gave myself a stiff slap to take more responsibility and accountability for my actions. Only you control you.
  • Trained @synergygroupfitness 4-5 days a week, following a mix or cardio and lifting based sessions.
  • Drank 2-3lts of water a day and more on high intensity training days.
  • And made sure I was in a weekly calorie deficit through a mixture of training and nutrition, every week.

Did I go out for meals and drinks, and treat myself when I felt like a treat? You’re damn right I did, I’m not a Buddhist Monk, and life is way too short for cutting out all those little pleasures, however, if those pleasures took me out of calorie deficit, then the following days needed to be more deliberate and considered to ensure, by the end of the week, I was back in deficit. Some weeks this felt easy and others lesser so, but consistency is key and will always iron out any creases over time. I reminded myself that health, fitness and wellbeing is a lifestyle choice, not a short term goal. I’m not in a race and there is no finish line.

4 months on and I’m feeling a million times better, physically, psychologically, emotionally, every “lly”. I’m annoyed I didn’t sort my shit out sooner, but you know what, maybe I needed to take it there to not only give me the enema sized punch I needed to get back on track, but also give me the engrained visual reminder and motivation to not allow life to take over again.

I’m back to being happy in my own skin again and I love that. I feel energised and full of life, there’s a weight off my shoulders and a chunk of weight off my chunk. And I feel like a more sympathetic coach because of it. Does this mean training and good nutritional choices stop? Very much NO, the focus is now on maintaining my upgraded healthy mind, body and energy.

If my story resonates with you, don’t bury your head in the sand. Don’t say you’ll start tomorrow. Stand up, give yourself a shake and get your ass down to Synergy. We and our incredible community can help you. Whether you want to do it for you, or someone you love, whatever your why, DO IT! Remember, there’s only one you and lot’s of people are relying on you living a long and healthy life.

Everyone loses focus from time to time, and that’s fine. Perfection is not a thing. But consistency, belief and determination are. You got this!

If you’d like to start your health and fitness journey, book your FREE trial Synergy Group Fitness membership now. 

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