1-2-1, partnered and private small group personal training sessions at Synergy Group Fitness Edinburgh.

Personal training

The difference from an OK personal trainer to a great personal trainer isn’t just the number of letters after their name or their years of experience in the industry….it’s the one who understands you as an individual and will do everything they can to help you get the best from your health, not because they are paid to, but because they want to.”

Every PT session you have with us will be designed and tailored to meet your needs and objectives. We know that personal training is as much about physical fitness as it is about your dietary and lifestyle choices, which is why will offer full support on every aspect of your health.

Whether you’d like the occasional session to give you direction, or weekly sessions to guide to you to goals, we are here to help

Offering 1-2-1, partnered and private small group personal training sessions at Synergy Edinburgh.

“The support, challenge and encouragement I’ve had from Amy, Bev and Ross has been beyond what I could ever imagine. I feel pat of the Synergy family and have no doubt that their knowledge, commitment and kindness have been key to my progress”

“I have lost 20kg, noticed a major change in body shape and tone and gained so much more energy! I eat healthy, visit the gym regularly and feel so much better!

I can’t express how much Ross has motivated me to continue to be healthy, fit and strive to reach my goals!”

“Ross’s approach to designing my sessions is always completely individualised, taking into account the time I can dedicate to training, the type of exercise I enjoy and improving my overall strength and stamina. I always feel challenged and motivated by my programmes and love how varied they are.”

“Supportive, motivational,varied, personal, friendly, inclusive…oh and very hard work!!!”

To book PT with any of our team, either get in touch below, or you can book sessions with Amy using the online booking system below. Remember, you can book a discounted 10x PT block with Amy @Synergy Edinburgh though the membership tab on our Book page above.

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