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Bored and not getting the results you want from your current gym, or just searching for a new fitness experience? Welcome to Synergy.

At Synergy, we offer a fitness experience like no other. Where the workouts are as rewarding as they are inclusive. Where individual achievement and sense of community go hand in hand.

But don’t just take our word for it……book your FREE trial membership now and come feel it firsthand.

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Check out some of the amazing results our members have had….

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…well here are a thousand WOW’s. Incredible achievement from Maddie in only 12 weeks!

“I started out with Synergy in Edinburgh over 7 years ago. I was getting married late in the year and rather than go on a crash diet to look somewhat decent I decided to try and make some lifestyle changes and get back to some sort of level of fitness after knee injuries prevented me from continuing with sports.

Synergy really was the perfect fit, from the outset Bev and Ross were incredibly welcoming and supportive and that filtered down to all the trainers and members. 

I can still remember the shock at learning that some people there were doing more than 1 class a week but as you get into the swing of things you not only see the trainers push you more and more, way past what you thought you were able to do, you also start pushing yourself. It’s amazing how sessions at Synergy are almost never the same but they never get any easier as you’re either pushing yourself on or being pushed on by trainers and/.or members. There’s always someone there to either learn from or aspire to.

For anyone that’s looking to take that first step, I really can’t recommend it enough,you’ll look back in 6 months time and thank yourself.”

I’ve been a member of Synergy for 7/8 years – I’ve tried various gyms and I can hand on heart say it’s the best one. It’s a family feel, a lot of laughs but everyone works hard. Ross and Bev are truly amazing – even when I’ve had a crappy day they’ve been there to support me and help me use exercise as a form of self help/therapy! I’m stronger and toned, doing things in the gym I never thought I could – especially with weights. I’ve now moved to London and gutted to have left Synergy

Gym & family behind, if I could bring them here I would!! It really is more than a gym.”

Welcome to the family

Starting your health and fitness journey or choosing a new gym can be a daunting thought…. but we’re here to make it as effortless and as welcoming an experience as possible.

Our team of fitness experts, and our incredible community, will not only help you get in the best shape of your life, they’ll also make that journey an enjoyable, supportive and sustainable one.


Synergy is not your standard gym!

We specialise is delivering bespoke, 1-2-1 personal training, private individual and team sports specific S&C, and gym based group fitness sessions which are built around the participants. No-two sessions are every the same and each one is designed to be fun, motivational and to give you phenomenal results.

Bespoke Group Fitness

No matter your current fitness level or background, our bespoke group fitness classes are designed to be suitable for everyone. We’ve got your back!

Nutrition made simple

Our nutritional program is customised around your height, weight, sex, daily activity output and more, to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

Community and Accountability

We’re here to coach, support, inspire, inform and motivate you to achieving life changing results, from a welcoming and friendly independent gym with community at the heart of it.

  • The group classes are brilliant, hard, fierce but good fun and never boring and although you’re training in a group environment, I still feel I get the individual support I need from the trainers to better me.

    Gillian Spence

  • If you don’t know your Barbells from your Burpees, or if you’re training for the next Mr Olympia, I would recommend walking through the doors and giving Synergy a try, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

    Kerr Anderson

  • The staff are absolutely amazing, very friendly and welcoming and most importantly for me, non judgemental. Since becoming a member I’ve seen massively beneficial changes in almost every area of my life.

    Lisa Donnelly