Events, workshops, days out and Synergy Socials.

More Than Just A Gym

Synergy is more than just a place to get fit. It’s a social fitness experience where you can train with like-minded people, learn from World renowned public speakers and educators, and let your hair down at our famous Synergy Socials.

Seminars and Workshops

From the former Worlds #1 strength and conditioning coach, Ash Jones, to international speaker and nutritionist Ben Coomber, we bring some of the best minds in the business to Synergy to help inspire, educate and motivate you to become the best version of you.

Synergy Socials

Then after all that sweating and learning is done, you can take part in one of our famous Synergy Socials, where you could be dancing the streets of Edinburgh, or finding your next clue on the Synergy Scavenger Hunt.

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Next Event:

Ben Coomber- 25 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

Saturday 16th November at 2pm @Synergy Edinburgh

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“In 6 months, the improvement in my overall fitness, strength, body shape, core strength and energy levels have vastly exceeded my expectations. Thank you Neil.”

“To set the scene, I was a junk food loving, gym hating, workaholic who made no time to take care of my health.  I’ve been training with Denise for just a few months now. I’ve never felt stronger, both physically and mentally. I am full of drive and motivation just now which hasn’t just improved my attitude to exercise and nutrition, it has allowed me to pursue and achieve a lot more in my career.”

“I have lost 20kg, noticed a major change in body shape and tone and gained so much more energy! I eat healthy, visit the gym regularly and feel so much better!

I can’t express how much Ross has motivated me to continue to be healthy, fit and strive to reach my goals!”

“Ross’s approach to designing my sessions is always completely individualised, taking into account the time I can dedicate to training, the type of exercise I enjoy and improving my overall strength and stamina. I always feel challenged and motivated by my programmes and love how varied they are.”

“Supportive, motivational,varied, personal, friendly, inclusive…oh and very hard work!!!”

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