What you need to know when coming to Synergy.

Synergy Group Fitness Covid-19 Safe Usage Policy and Protocols

Last update- 26th August 2020


Unfortunately Covid-19 is part of everyday life now, and for life to go on, we need to have procedures in place to make Synergy as Covid-19 safe as possible. Please read the user rules and responsibilities below prior to entering Synergy.

User Rules and Responsibilities

  • If you feel unwell or are showing symptoms of Covid-19, DO NOT enter Synergy. If you feel unwell whilst in Synergy, alert a trainer and leave immediately.
  • Enter Synergy from the front of the building and exit from the rear only.
  • Entry only permitted 5min before class start time, and you must vacate the building no more than 5min after the class ends.
  • All users must wear a face covering upon entering and exiting Synergy and when in any non-gym floor common spaces. Face coverings will not be required when exercising.
  • Use the supplied hand sanitiser upon entering the building.
  • Collect a microfibre cloth from reception on arrival or bring a washed Synergy cloth with you. Take your cloth home to wash and reuse.
  • Collect an anti-bacterial spray from reception on arrival. Return spray when leaving Synergy.
  • Use the cloth and spray to wipe down any surface your hands make contact with, or you breathe on, including but not exclusively door handles, weight benches and gym equipment. Wipe down any shared gym equipment between EVERY use.
  • Maintain 2m (current) physical distance from other users at all times where possible.
  • Showers and changing rooms will not be in use for the time being. Please come changed and ready to train.
  • Any sports bags or cloths must be kept off-site.
  • Provide your own floor mat to use at Synergy. Gym towels are not permitted in Synergy.
  • All Synergy classes and open gym slots must be booked in advance through the website or app. You MUST cancel out more than 6 hours in advance if you cannot attend.
  • You must provide your own drinking water. Using the drinking water at Synergy will not be permitted.
  • Fair usage rules apply. Contact Synergy directly for more info.
  • Toilets- A maximum of 2 people are permitted to use the bathroom at any one time so long as physical distancing is adhered to. Queuing will not be permitted for the bathrooms. Please wait your turn away from the corridors/reception space and ensure physical distancing is adhered to.

Not an exciting read for sure, but it’s essential for the health of our staff and members alike. By choosing to book and attend Synergy, you agree to adhere to the rules and responsibilities at all times.

If you’d like see the Synergy Covid-19 Protocols document to show what we have done to make Synergy safe, contact us here.