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A year ago Liz Gray chose to start living a healthier life. One month later she started at @synergygroupfitness . A year on and she’s lost over 5 1/2 stone, and has surpassed every one of her fitness and nutrition goals and then some. It’s an honour and privilege to train this lovely human #legend. Ross

2 1/2 stone kicked to the kerb with more going every week, from a man who “dislikes going to the gym”. Keep doing what you’re doing James and maybe, one day, you’ll admit you actually enjoy it 😂

I’ve been a member of Synergy for 7/8 years – I’ve tried various gyms and I can hand on heart say it’s the best one. It’s a family feel, a lot of laughs but everyone works hard. Ross and Bev are truly amazing – even when I’ve had a crappy day they’ve been there to support me and help me use exercise as a form of self help/therapy! I’m stronger and toned, doing things in the gym I never thought I could – especially with weights. I’ve now moved to London and gutted to have left Synergy

Gym & family behind, if I could bring them here I would!! It really is more than a gym.”